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Mishimoto has released a performance intercooler kit for the 2013–2018 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins. This kit includes everything you need to improve airflow, substantially decrease charge-air temperatures and support your truck at any power level.

The first key component is the Mishimoto 6.7L Cummins intercooler piping kit. Our engineers have maximized airflow by eliminating restrictive bends, allowing for smooth and unimpeded airflow. The piping is constructed of mandrel-bent 3” aluminum for smooth flow and rugged durability. Also included are Mishimoto silicone boots with DuraCore™ technology and Mishimoto Constant Tension T-Bolt Clamps for accurate and consistent holding force. Mishimoto DuraCore™ technology comprises the innermost layer of all Mishimoto diesel silicone boots. Compared to normal silicone, DuraCore™ provides superior resistance to heat, pressure, fuel, and oil. This effectively increases the life of your boots and prevents leaks or blowouts.

This package also includes the Mishimoto 2013–2018 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins intercooler. Extremely durable cast aluminum end tanks and a bar-and-plate core provide cool, dense air to your engine, with the reliability you need. With a 76.65% increase in external fin surface area, and a 37.8% larger core, this intercooler is proven to reduce intake air temps by 12.5%.

All the components in this kit are engineered to last, just like your truck. Offered with either a Sleek Silver or Stealth Black core, the Mishimoto 2013–2018 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins intercooler kit, like all our Dodge Ram performance parts, is protected by the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty. Whether your 2013–2018 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins is stock or modified, trust Mishimoto and our line of Dodge Ram performance parts to keep your Dodge cool.


(1) Mishimoto Intercooler
(3) Front Air Diversion Panels
(1) Replacement Lower Fan Shroud
(2) Mounting Brackets w/ Rubber Isolators
(2) Aluminum Pipes
(4) Silicone Boots with Duracore™ Technology
(8) Constant Tension T-Bolt Clamps
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

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