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The 2011-2014 6.7L Powerstrokes are great trucks besides a few small weak areas. One of those weak areas in their turbo design. They come from the factory with a dual compressor turbo that is supposed to act similar to a compound turbo setup. This idea was great in theory but ended up being a huge fail for Ford. That is why MPD is proud to offer an affordable turbo kit to customers that are looking for supreme street manners, low EGT's, and awesome power! This is not a "cheap replacement", but rather a comprehensive drop in turbo system that will do away with the troublesome, weak factory VGT turbo. We have Completely redesigned this kit from the pedestal up to work with Borg Warners new line of SXE Turbochargers, which offer massive gains over their basic line of turbos, as well as a large array of sizing options, to perfectly suit any power level/driving conditions. This System Retains the factory Manifolds/Plenum to maintain a very Sleek OEM look.

This QUICK SPOOL variant is being offered with the Smaller S300SXE turbos, for those who are not looking for any significant power gains, but still would like to avoid the known issues of the OEM turbos.

Turbo Sizing

S362/68 SXE - Quickest spool up. Will offer a slight increase in power compared to stock.

S362/74 SXE - Quick spool but has a 74mm turbine wheel instead of the 68mm. This slows spool just slightly but provides more top end flow. 

S363/68 SXE - Spool will be very quick still while providing a good increase in hp over stock.

S364.5/68 SXE - Slower spool of the available options however will still spool very similar to stock. This turbo will provide a noticable gain over stock. 

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