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KC Turbos Stage 1.5 Turbo 63/88/.72 |2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L|

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KC Turbos is fairly new on the scene but dont let that scare you off. They have created some of the best turbo options on the market for your Powerstroke. With extensive testing and engineering they have developed their Stage 1.5 Turbo Upgrade. This turbo is an awesome upgrade for those looking achieve greater horsepower than stock but still want to daily drive the truck or tow. The 1.5 Turbo upgrade will offer an amazing driving experience with super quick spool. It can be used with stock injectors all the way to 155/30 injectors. 

- 475 to 525 HP

- 63.5x88mm single plane billet wheel with extended tips

 .72ar race compressor cover

- 72.5x66 13 blade turbine wheel

- New high flowing billet vanes

- Stainless steel unison ring

- Upgraded 360 thrust bearing

- 100% drop in

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