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The 6.7L Cummins is an extremely popular engine to customize and very easy to make big power out of! One of the most popular modifications done is converting the manifold and turbo to a 2nd Gen style. By converting to a 2nd Gen Swap you are accomplishing a few different things. First, you are changing the location of the turbo on the manifold. Why do this you ask? The stock 3rd/4th gen manifolds favor the rear two cyclinder causing un-even exhaust pulse distribution. Changing to a 2nd Gen style manifold you are centering the turbo directly in the middle of the engine for even exhaust pulse and flow. This helps with flow, EGTs, and turbo spool up, not to mention sounds a whole lot better. 

Another great reason for a 2nd Gen Swap is it opens your turbo options up a ton! Switching to a non VGT turbo helps relieve drive/cyclinder pressure which will make your engine happy. For those wanting to make big power by centering the turbo position it allows for a much larger framed turbo if needed. You also have a huge variety of sizes and exhaust optons once you go to a 2nd Gen Swap. 

Lastly, 2nd Gen Swaps just look badass! Opening the hood you are greeted by a sexy turbo just staring you and anyone else who glares in the direction down. 

Now that you know the benefits of a 2nd Gen Swap, lets talk turbo sizing and what fits your needs best. 

S464 - This turbo is the go to for people who want to make around 650hp-700hp but still want to retain great street manners and awesome towing ability. This option works flawlessly with stock fuel and can support up to 60% injectors easily. If you plan on stock fuel the .90 exhaust housing is perfect. If you plan on injector upgrades in the future we suggest going with the 1.0 exhaust housing. 

S467 - This is one of the most popular options for those of you who want great street manners but plan on fueling upgrades in the future. The S467 can be ran with stock fuel but it is suggested to run an aftermarket injector to help spool the turbo and reach its maximum potential. This turbo can make upwards of 800hp with supporting modifications. This turbo will be happiest with 45% over or larger injectors. For those wanting quickest spool the .90 exhaust housing is suggested. For those wanting to max out this turbos HP potential we suggest the 1.0 exhaust housing. 

S471 - If you are wanting to make some big power this is a great option. This turbo outflows the S467 a bit and can easily touch 850hp with proper supporting modifications. Street manners are decent but towing anything over 10,000lbs can be stressful. We suggest 60%+ injectors to really help this turbo spool and reach it potential. 

S475 - The big boy out of your options the S475 can easily 900hp with proper supporting mods. We suggest 60% to 250% over injectors depending on your HP goal. This turbo can be driven on the street but is not suggested if you tow. The .90 exhaust housing will spool best but suggested to step up to the 1.0 housing if you want to maximize flow with good street manners. 

Increased HP

Increased TQ

Better MPG

Lower EGTs

Comes with everything needed to install

Turbo Sizing

64mm - 650hp-700hp

67.7mm - 700hp-800hp

71mm - 800hp-850hp

75mm - 850hp-900hp+

Turbo Cover Options for S467.7

Standard Cover - 5" Inlet

Quick Spool SX-E Cover - This cover is a 5.5" inlet and allows additional airflow due to optimized design and larger a/r.

Race Cover - 5.5" Inlet allowing maximum airflow

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