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ATS Diesel Aurora 4000 Turbo System - 2011-2014 Ford 6.7L Scorpion

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The factory turbo charger on these trucks is notorious for premature failure and was not designed for a high performance application. The Aurora 4000 kit is the first and only true drop in replacement. Boasting the industry's only 5 year / 500,000 mile warranty, the Aurora 4000 controls high EGTs and high back pressure (drive pressure) better than the factory turbo, while still spooling similar to the stock turbo charger. The Aurora 4000 is capable of over 700 RWHP, will produce up to 60 additional horsepower in comparison to the OEM charger, and as the only true drop in replacement, still utilizes the factory downpipe, intake, and discharge.  Built as an entire kit, this system will install flawlessly, even with all of the emissions intact (if your truck has been previously deleted, this kit will still install without issue).  No cutting, splicing, or custom modifications are required to install, when we say without modification, we mean it.  

If you want a truck that can hook up to a loaded gooseneck all week and hit the quarter mile track on the weekends, and do all of it flawlessly, then the ATS Aurora 4000 Turbo Kit NEEDS to be on your list of upgrades.  ATS spent a lot of time refining this turbo kit, and it truly shows in its overall aptitude and reliability.


  • Aurora 4000 Turbo

  • Pedestal
  • Improved Up-Pipes with Heavy Duty Bellows

  • Fittings, Gaskets, and Hardware


  • Pickup Applications
  • Cab and Chassis Applications


  • Programming / tuning capable of supporting an upgraded turbocharger is required.  Please contact us with any questions
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